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What’s Happening at QWSG over the next few months?

Pacific Golden-plover satellite tracking study

QWSG and the Port of Brisbane have placed 2 satellite transmitters (or PTT’s) on Pacific Golden-plover with a further two to be deployed before the northward migration starts. See here to find out more and see what these birds are doing as the data comes in and is processed.


The monthly count programme happens all year round, have a look at the count page for dates and if your interested in getting involved contact the Count Coordinator  for more information.

The count dates for  our count program are published on the count program page. Please note we are desperately short of counters so if you’re interested and can commit a little time each month to count a site, or act as a backup for a site please get in touch, we really need your help and Linda Cross would love to hear from you.

Banding occurs regularly, from October to February, at a range of sites. This is always subject to weather so dates are only arranged at relatively short notice. Please contact Jon Coleman if you are interested in coming along to help out with banding and see below for more information.

Please do note that much of our fieldwork involves access to private land and also permits to conduct work in many cases. As a result we do have to consider insurance and also access and permit restrictions when inviting new members along.  This means, that although normally we love to involve new people, it can sometimes take a while before we can do so.

Wader ID Days

Sunday 30 July 2017 at Manly Harbour

1.98 m high tide at 13:20.  Meeting time 13:00 at the end of Davenport Dr, on the southern boundary of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Clubhouse.

The specific object of this outing to the shorebird roost at Manly Harbour is to look for Double-banded Plover at a time when most of them will be in advanced breeding plumage just before their return migration to New Zealand. Of course, overwintering birds of other species will also be present.

QWSG has a licence over the roost. Under the conditions of the licence, participants in this field trip will be required to sign a form acknowledging responsibility for their own health and safety, including:

       wearing protective clothing at all times (eg. hat, shoes, sunglasses) and using sunscreen

       drinking water to avoid dehydration

       using insect repellant if necessary

       telling a leader about any health issues that may affect taking part in the field trip

       if feeling unwell, or concerned about someone else being unwell, immediately telling a group leader or another participant

       immediately telling a group leader or another participant about any injury suffered (including a slip, trip, fall and snake bite) or hazard that may cause injury to someone.

Participants must wear enclosed footwear, have drinking water and, because the site is exposed and the likelihood of a westerly wind, a jacket is advisable.

Anyone who does not comply with these conditions will not be allowed to enter the site or asked to leave.

The gate will be locked after we enter the site and late arrivals will not be able to enter.

Participation in this field trip is strictly limited to those who have registered with the leaders. Please do not just turn up on the day without registering.

 Leaders: Arthur and Sheryl Keates 3843 1874.


Watch this space for surveys in 2017.

Wader Counts

As a group we count every month of the year and are always looking for new counters, particularly so at the moment. Contact the count coordinator if you’re interested in getting involved. Please note you need to be a member of the group for insurance purposes. Take a look at he count program page and contact our count coordinatorr if you would like to be involved

Wader Banding

QWSG have a program of shorebird banding throughout the year and we welcome helpers who want to come along, assist, learn about banding and potentially get involved in banding longer term.

Proposed dates for the coming season are below:-

Saturday 28/01/2017 1.98m@22:02 Geoff Skinner, Wellington Point – Mist Netting

Saturday 04/02/2017 1.95m@14:25 Port of Brisbane – Cannon Netting

Saturday 11/02/2017 2.03m@22:02 Manly Marina – Mist Netting

Sunday 12/02/2017 2.55m@10:33 Venue TBA – Cannon Netting

Sunday 26/02/2017 2.49m@09:31 Venue TBA – Cannon Netting

Saturday 11/03/2017 2.12m@21:14 Geoff Skinner, Wellington Point – Mist Netting

Sunday 12/03/2017 2.46m@09:31 Venue TBA – Cannon Netting

Numbers may be limited so anyone wishing to attend must ensure they have spoken to the organiser before trying at attend. If you are interested in helping out please contact Jon Coleman at Jon Coleman for more information. For insurance purposes you will need to be a member of wither Birds Queensland or the Queensland Wader Study Group.