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Watching Waders

Wandering Tattler © 2010 Andy Jensen

This section of the QWSG contains some practical hints for those wishing to discover the wonder of waders.  There is a bewildering diversity of makes and models of binoculars and spotting scopes and it is conceivable to walk into a store and come out with little change from $5 000.  Here, some of the features of birding equipment are described and guidance given on what to take into the field.  Following brief accounts of health and safety issues and birding etiquette, finally we provide descriptions of significant wader sites in south-east Queensland.  Most of the species described on this site can be seen along the whole length of the Queensland coast.  However, it is practically impossible to describe every site of interest and we have chosen to focus on south-east Queensland and particularly Moreton Bay, as this region is one of the most important for waders on the east coast of Australia.