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Calidris alpina

Dunlin in Winter Plumage © 2010 Ian Fisher


C. a. alpina
C. a. schinzii
C. a. arcitica
C. a. sakhalina  (most likely to occur in Australia)
C. a. kistchinski
C. a. actites
C. a. pacifica  (most likely to occur in Australia)
C. a. arcticola
C. a. hudsonia

Other Names

Red-backed Sandpiper, Blackcrop


Australia: Only one report has been accepted for Australia, Queensland 1983.  About 20 other records have been either retracted or unaccepted.  These have been from Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Migratory habits

This species very rarely migrates below the Equator.


Breeds in the arctic areas of Europe, Asia, Alaska and Canada.


Very rare vagrant.
East Asian-Australasian Flyway Population: about  950,000

Confusing Species

Curlew Sandpiper.