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Report a Banded / Leg Flag Sighting

Please fill in this form as accurately as possible. If you are a registered user of this website, such as a member or a counter, please log in before using this form. Registered users of the website have the ability to easily create multiple records from the same Date, Time and Site code. When you Submit the first sighting you will be automatically redirected to a new form with some of the fields auto filled. Please check the auto filled fields and adjust where required. 

Leg Flag Observation Report
Your name. NOTE: If you are a QWSG member, it is preferably that you login first before entering your sighting.
We need your email to get back in touch if needed.
Phone Number
MUST type in long date - eg "20 November 2023" if not using the date picker!
This field defaults to "Online". Change only if necessary.
Using a site code? *
Say "Yes" if your observation is from a registered site. If you are saying "No", you must be sure no site selection is made.
Select from the dropdown list!
Scroll down through Australian states and different countries. Your site will be from this list of registered sites, otherwise if you clicked "No" above fill in location and coordinates.
Add location if not an existing site. Include State and Country.
Please use Decimal Degrees where + value for Nth and - value for Sth
Please use Decimal Degrees where + value for East and - value for West

Top Flag

Drag on the menu to make you choice. A blank entry will have the question as a guide.

Bottom Flag

Drag on the menu to make you choice. A blank entry will have the question as a guide.

Metal Band or other band information

If any bands (not flags), and placement on leg if known.
Any other information about the flag or band(s).
Colour Band Code.
If you know the code sequence to use?

Bird Unique Information

*** IF you enter an Engraved Leg Flag (ELF), you MUST also enter here whether it is the top flag or bottom flag, and you MUST enter the colour of the flag above.
If present, enter the Engraved Leg Flag (ELF) code (usually 2 or 3 characters). If some characters were unreadable indicate with "#". If no characters are legible, use the "ELF_Flagged" field below.
ELF is?
PLEASE USE this CHOICE!!! (see blow). The ELF is the "T" : TOP flag or "B" : BOTTOM flag ------- YOU MUST ALSO have entered the colour of the relevant flag in the flag listings above! It is the ONLY way we KNOW the colour of the ELF flag!!
Please select based on: none | trace 1-10% | some 11-25% | partial 26-50% | almost full 51-70% | full 76-100%|

Flock Information

Only use this field for NON ELF records, where there is one or more bird (same species) sighted, with the same flag layout as given above. For a single plain flag bird, enter "1".
Note: If you can read all, or part of the ELF, fill in a form for each sighting (ELF above), and ignore this field. If there are one or more birds of the same species with Engraved Leg Flags that are unreadable then enter the number here. For a single unreadable ELF enter "1".
Submit each species with up to 3 species, otherwise say mixed wader flock
If you have an image say Yes. If you do, you have the option to download the image.

Maximum file size: 4MB

Upload Photo : Please note that photos must be freely available to be distributed by AWSG within Australia and overseas and must not be subject to any copyright restrictions or claims.
Any other information of comments you would like to make relevant to your flag or band sighting.