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My Shorebird Watcher Privacy Policy

Inquiries about our Privacy Policy can be made through the Website

The App is designed for young people but adults, parents and teachers find it a good starting tool for watching shorebirds along the Australian Coastline.

The App is designed to enable the user to undertake three tasks

  • Undertake a habitat scan of the place visited to assess if it’s in good condition for shorebirds, waterbirds and seabirds.
  • Identify and list birds
  • Record bird behaviour by observing what birds are doing


  1. The My Shorebird Watcher APP was developed for the Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG) by Robert Bush (
  2. The QWSG respects and upholds the privacy of those who access and use My Shorebird Watcher.

QWSG upholds and respects individual privacy by ensuring the following:

  • No personal information is requested of users and no information in written, digital or visual form is collected through the APP or by other means by the QWSG from those who access the APP or use the APP.
  • The QWSG is unable to identify who has and is using the APP and does not seek to do so.
  • Those using the APP are not able to interact, share information or identify other users through the APP.
  • The App is designed for both adults (primarily parents and teachers) as well as for those under 18 years of age (recommended lower starting age is 7 years). The QWSG does not wish to nor does it have access to information that identifies children, their parents or teachers or their educational affiliations or locations. The APP does not ask for or collect this information in any form overtly or covertly.
  • The QWSG seeks to comply with the Families Policy requirements outlined by Google Play and has provided information to Google Play to this effect.