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Leg Flag Sightings

Red-necked Stint being released at Manly © 2014 Jon Coleman

Red-necked Stint being released at Manly © 2014 Jon Coleman

As a result of QWSG’s leg flagging activities, and those occurring elsewhere in Australia and throughout the flyway our counters, recorders and interested birdwatchers send in literally hundreds of resightings of leg flagged birds in Queensland every year. On this page we publish a quarterly summary of those resightings so that observers can see summary information on where the birds they see have come from. Without these resightings the banding work would have little value so thank you to each and every person visiting this page and contributing data towards these reports for your contribution. Flag sightings provide important information on migration routes and staging areas and now that many are individually engraved flags, for the first time scientists are now monitoring the movements, both local and international of individual birds so by sending in flag sightings your making a significant contribution to the conservation of shorebirds.

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