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QWSG Count Dates

A wader count in progress! © 2010 QWSG

The following list of dates gives the scheduled QWSG count dates and also the Port of Brisbane count dates. If you want to be involved in regular counts, or would like to come along and see how a count is conducted please contact our Count Coordinator (see the contact Us page).

Please note that due to insurance reasons we are not always able to include new people in counts straight away, particularly in areas like the Port of Brisbane which are working sites where we operate under contract.

However, we are always looking for new counters so please do get in touch if you are interested in getting involved and helping us out. At the moment we really need new counters so if you think you can make the commitment to a count every month, or to just help out an existing counter please contact us, see the contact page for the count coordinator’s contact details.


2016 Dates  

Sat 3rd Dec     2.31m at 11:43

2017 Dates  

Sat 31st Dec    2.43m at 10:51           See note below

Sat 28th Jan      2.48m at 09:57            National Summer Count

Sat 25th Feb    2.43m at 08:53

Sat 25h Mar    2.30m at 07:35

Sat 29th Apr     2.07m at 11:34

Sat 27th May    2.06m at 10:31

Sat 24th Jun    2.01m at 09:25            National Winter Count

Sat 22nd Jul    1.92m at 08:20

Sat 26th Aug    1.99m at 12:33

Sat 23rd Sep    2.14m at 11:23

Sat 21st Oct     2.26m at 10:21

Sat 18th Nov   2.33m at 09:24

Sat 16th Dec   2.32m at 08:25


2016 Dates

Sun 4th Dec     2.26m at 12:22            Meet    10:30

2017 Dates

Sun 29th Jan     2.50m at 10:33            Meet    08:40   National Summer Count

Sun 26th Feb    2.49m at 09:31            Meet    07:40

Sun 26th Mar   2.39m at 08:19            Meet    06:30

Sun 30th Apr   1.93m at 12:26             Meet    10:35

Sun 28th May 1.98m at 11:23            Meet    09:35

Sun 25th Jun   1.98m at 10:18            Meet    08:30     National Winter Count

Sun 23rd Jul    1.95m at 09:16            Meet    07:25

Sun 27th Aug  1.94m at 13:16            Meet    11:25

Sun 24th Sep    2.10m at 11:59            Meet    10:10

Sun 22nd Oct 2.25m at 10:55            Meet    09:05

Sun 19th Nov  2.35m at 09:58            Meet    08:10

Sun 17th Dec   2.37m at 09:03            Meet    07:10