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Wader Consultancy


QWSG Consultancy

Roosting Waders © 2010 David Edwards

Queensland Wader Study Group have an extensive database of over 200,000 records of wader counts from 22,000 visits to over 1300 high tide roost sites along the entire Queensland coast.  This database includes records made from high tide roost counts undertaken since 1988. The most complete coverage of known high tide roosts is in South-east Queensland (Hervey Bay – Southport).  Professional scientists wanting to access these data for use in environmental impact studies should contact the Data Administrator using .

QWSG will not provide primary (raw) data to third parties for commercial purposes.  Data queries summarising wader counts at individual sites or within defined geographic regions can be provided on request in a wide range of summary formats.  QWSG has a fee schedule for these data extractions to cover costs of extraction time and volunteer effort in undertaking the counts.  Fees are charged on a per roost site basis.  Summary data extractions can normally be provided within one week from confirmation of data extraction terms.  Summaries are usually provided in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet unless other formats are requested.

Terms and Conditions for the Release of QWSG Data

Please read these carefully before completing the Data Request Form

Your request will be considered by the QWSG management Committee. The release of data will normally be agreed unless one or more of the following situations occurs:

  • QWSG Partners are actively working in the same area or are seeking funds to do so.  In cases where collaborative studies are appropriate, these will be encouraged;
  • Data made available to QWSG were initially collected under contract and the contractor does not agree to their release;
  • A significant proportion of the data have been collected by one researcher or team who intend to conduct similar analyses themselves;
  • In the case of research projects, the data have already been released to another party to conduct similar research.  Both parties will be informed of their interest and data will not normally be released to the second applicant without agreement by the first;
  • The applicant cannot agree to the conditions of use listed below, has not adhered to the conditions on a previous occasion or is not prepared to pay the extraction charge.

Data will only be released upon receipt of a completed and signed QWSG_data_request_form, (click to download) which legally binds the applicant to the conditions of use. Requests are subject to QWSG committee approval. Supply of QWSG data confers no rights of ownership to the receiver. Return the completed form to .