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Wader Courses

Wader Bills, learn how they feed at a course! © 2010 QWSG

QWSG regularly schedule wader courses which are available to anyone. Typically the courses are one day, with a morning of lectures and an afternoon field trip to see and follow up on identification of the various species in the field. We also run ID sessions which are purely field based and usually at a local high tide wader roost.

See our news page for up and coming courses, we normally schedule one or two a year, or if you have a local group, contact us and we may be able to organise a wader course specifically to meet your needs.

Typically the following topics will be covered in the course, with the afternoon used to follow up with practical ID skills and field craft tips and tricks.

  • Definition of waders and habitat;
  • Field identification;
  • Factors affecting local and regional distribution;
  • Importance of Moreton Bay;
  • The East Asian/Australasian Flyway;
  • Threats to waders and their habitat;
  • National and International conservation agreements.


There is an enrolment fee for our courses and ID days, this is designed to cover costs, not make a profit. As a result the cost may vary depending on location, number of attendees and so on.