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Studying Waders

Setting mist-nets at Manly Roost © 2010 Jon Coleman

Waders or Shorebirds suffer from severe threats globally as a result of habitat destruction and disturbance. Our conservation section discusses these risks in more detail and also offers simple guidance for interacting with shorebirds to ensure both you and the birds can coexist safely.

As a result of the risks to shorebirds and the significant declines in some species that have been seen in recent years they are probably one of the more well studied groups of birds with long term monitoring projects in the Asia Pacific flyway as well as Europe and the America’s. Queensland Wader Study Group along with other groups throughout Australia run projects that contribute data that is actively used for the conservation of shorebirds and we work closely with the Australasian Wader Study Group and the other regional and international Wader Study Groups.

Some of our long term projects are:

  • Long Term Banding and Flagging of Shorebirds using Moreton Bay
  • Long Term Monthly High Tide roost counts throughout Queensland
  • Selected consultancy engagements involving monitoring or advising on shorebird related issues
  • Regular major surveys of less frequently counted areas.
  • GIS mapping of high tide roosts

A whole range of other projects have been completed or are in planning and this part of the web site will be updated regularly to reflect our progress. The pages in this section talk about some of our projects in more detail.