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QWSG ID Days & Count Dates

Wader ID Days

No ID Days Planned at present, but please Check regularly for any change

Birds Queensland (BQ) activities have recommenced in accordance with its outdoor activities plan. Impediments to QWSG holding shorebird outings have been the sharing of optical equipment and the requirement to socially distance. To address these issues, participants on this field trip must have and use their own optic, preferably a spotting scope, and the number of participants will be limited to 10 for their health and safety as well as the welfare of the birds roosting at this critical time of year.

To register for this outing, please send a text message to the leaders stating your name and email address. The leaders will, in accordance with the BQ COVID-19 safety practices, keep an attendance register of participants including these details for tracing purposes. Participants will be required to sign the attendance register acknowledging they have read, and agree to comply with, the COVID-19 safe practices outlined in the BQ website

In addition to the COVID-19 safety practices, under the conditions of the access agreement for the roost, participants must wear enclosed footwear and will be required to sign a form acknowledging responsibility for their own health and safety, including:

Wearing protective clothing at all times (eg. hat, enclosed footwear, sunglasses) and using sunscreen.
Drinking water to avoid dehydration.
Using insect repellent if necessary.
Telling a leader about any health issues that may affect taking part in the field trip.
If feeling unwell, or concerned about someone else being unwell, immediately telling a group leader or another participant.
Immediately telling a group leader or another participant about any injury suffered (including a slip, trip, fall and snake bite) or hazard that may cause injury to someone.

Count Dates 2021

A wader count in progress! © 2010 QWSG

The following list of dates gives the scheduled QWSG count dates and also the Port of Brisbane count dates. If you want to be involved in regular counts, or would like to come along and see how a count is conducted please contact our Count Coordinator (see the contact Us page).

Please note that due to insurance reasons we are not always able to include new people in counts straight away, particularly in areas like the Port of Brisbane which are working sites where we operate under contract.

However, we are always looking for new counters so please do get in touch if you are interested in getting involved and helping us out. At the moment we really need new counters so if you think you can make the commitment to a count every month, or to just help out an existing counter please contact us, see the contact page for the count coordinator’s contact details.

QWSG High Tide – Monthly Count Programme – 2021

Sat 16th Jan     2.49m at 11:48            National Summer Count

Sat 13th Feb     2.51m at 10:46

Sat 13th Mar    2.43m at 09:45

Sat 10th Apr     2.31m at 08:37

Sat 8th May      2.16m at 07:20


Sat 17th Jul      1.92m at 15:12            National Winter Count

Sat 14th Aug    2.00m at 13:44

Sat 11th Sep     2.17m at 12:32

Sat 23rd Oct     2.27m at 10:57

Sat 20th Nov    2.38m at 10:00

Sat 11th Dec    2.15m at 15:25

Counters Rockhampton and north – please select a date as close as possible to the count programme day with suitable tides to enable you to complete your counts.

Port of Brisbane Count Dates – 2021

Please note meeting times may change at the last minute depending on the number of attendees on the day.

Sun 17th Jan    2.38m at 12:25            Meet    11:05               National Summer Count

Sun 14th Feb    2.43m at 11:19            Meet    10:00

Sun 14th Mar   2.38m at 10:16            Meet    09:00

Sun 11th Apr   2.27m at 09:12            Meet    07:50

Sun 9th May    2.13m at 07:59             Meet    06:45

Sat 19th Jun     1.97m at 16:52            Meet    15:30              Cancelled

Sun 18th Jul     2.03m at 16:24            Meet    15:00               National Winter Count

Sun 15rth Aug  2.02m at 14:46            Meet    13:25

Sun 12th Sep    2.15m at13:24             Meet    12:05

Sun 24th Oct    2.24m at 11:30            Meet    10:10

Sun 21st Nov   2.37m at 10:33            Meet    09:10

Sun 12th Dec   2.05m at 16:23            Meet    15:00